Aladdin AMS-FL50BI-KIT3-SC

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Aladdin BI-FLEX 1 (Bi-Color) 50W 3-Light Kit with Soft Case, Soft Box, Stand and Grid

• Light Source: Super high CRI Power LED’s (50W) CRI 97 / TLCI 97
• Beam Angle: 140°
• Dimmer: Dimming: (5%–100%)
• Cooling: passive cooling
• Dimension: 300 x 300 x 5mm
• Weight: 390g
• Input: AC/DC 12v to 15 Volt Or 90-240V
• Velcro on 4 Corner with ring
• Power Unit- Automatic Voltage 100 to 240V
• Waterproof (Splash and Rain)
• Flickerfree

*Not for scuba diving but for aquarium,pool ect no problemm be carefull to protect the Dimmer and the Power unit because this are not Waterproof and AC voltage

Daylight 6000K - 4200 lux 60 cm, 1600 lux 1 mtr, 450 lux 2 mtr, 210 lux 3 mtr

BiColor 4200K - 4600 lux 60 cm, 1700 lux 1 mtr, 500 lux 2 mtr, 230 lux 3 mtr

Tungsten 3000K - 3400 lux 60 cm, 1200 lux 1 mtr, 340 lux 2 mtr, 170 lux 3 mtr
Aladdin - New BI-FLEX 1 is the first flexible bi-color LED panel for professional use in television, movie and photographic production.

This Aladdin BI-FLEX1 Bi-Color LED Panel 3 Light Kit contains three 1x1' moldable LED panels, three dimmers, three X-Bend holders, and three AC power supplies along with three 16' extension cables.

Three ball head stand mounts, three diffusers, three stands, three soft boxes, one grid, and five touch-fastening cable ties round out the kit in the included Kit1 Case Multi that organizes and holds all of your lighting equipment.

These moldable LED panels feature bi-color 3000-6000K color temperature with a CRI of 97ra for tungsten and 98ra for daylight with 10-100% dimming.

This small, lightweight, and portable light source offers flicker-free output suitable for tight office-spaces, elevators, cars, or even inside objects for product shots.

The BI-FLEX1 panel is equipped with both male touch-fastening corners and mounting rings to easily and firmly mount to a variety of surfaces using female touch-fasteners, screws, nails, or suction cups.
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