Akurat DL3120-SK-DMX

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Akurat DL3120 with AC Adapter and DMX Decoder

• Luminous flux of up to 5000 lm

• Light beam angle: 120 degrees

• CRI Ra = 95

• Maximum electric power: 55 W

• Supply voltage: 13–18 V
DL3120 – a bi-colour wide-angle LED panel for studios and reporters with AC Adapter and DMX Decoder. CRI 95.

This 30 × 30 cm aluminium illuminator is equipped with two sets of highly efficient high-CRI SMD (surface-mounted) LEDs. Color temperature adjustable between tungsten and daylight.
Such a design, combined with a microprocessor-based controller, provides brightness and colour temperature adjustment capabilities.

Three memory banks for user settings, battery state readout function and low-battery state indication.