Akurat LL2120HP3

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Akurat High CRI, High Power LED on-camera fixture without Battery Adapter, without Power Supply and without Cable

• Luminous flux of up to 1200 lm

• Light beam angle: 120 degrees

• CRI Ra = 95

• Maximum electric power: 16 W

• Supply voltage: 6–20 V
LL2120HP3 - High Power LED aluminium on-camera fixture, without Battery Adapter.

With an output of up to 16 W. CRI 95. Color Temperature adjustable between - warm 3200 K and cold 5600 K.
This aluminium light is equipped with two sets of diodes – warm 3200 K and cold 5600 K – and emits a soft light of up to 1200 lm and a high CRI, completely free from the flickering effect.
The device allows to adjust brightness as well as to switch between tungsten and daylight colour temperature.