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Akurat S4d Daylight LED Fixture with 60° Lenses, V-Lock Battery Adapter, AC Adapter, Angle Head, Carrying Bag and DMX Decoder

• Luminous flux of up to 5000 lm (S4t and S4d)
• Luminous flux of up to 2600 lm (S4bi)
• Light beam angle: 30, 60, 90 or 120 degrees
• CRI Ra = 95 (V-WHITE version: 98)
• Maximum electric power: 55 W (S4d and S4t) or 30 W (S4bi)
• Supply voltage: 13–18 V
S4d Daylight - a LED panel - aluminium - with replaceable optics. CRI 95 (V-WHITE version: 98) with 60° Lenses, V-Lock Battery Adapter, Angle Head and Carrying Bag and DMX Decoder.

For studios, reporters and chromakey.
This 30 × 26 cm aluminium illuminator is equipped with highly efficient high-CRI SMD (surface-mounted) LEDs and replaceable optics.

Its optical system consists of 4 sets of TIR (total internal reflection) lenses that affect the two basic photometric parameters of the device: light beam angle and maximum attainable lighting intensity.

For studios and reporters.