Dynacore DS-220S

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Dynacore DS-220S Li-ion V-Mount 220Wh/15Ah 14,8V

• Model: DS-220S
• Battery Type: V-Mount
• Voltage: 14.8V
• Capacity: 220Wh/15.6Ah
• Max Output: 180W,15A
• Dimension: 170 x 100 x 64 (mm)
• Weight: 1.40Kg
• Operating temperature: -30°C / +50°C
Dynacore specially designed the heavy Duty series batteries for Cine-cameras that require high load power.
Besides, the batteries also can power the camera and other on-camera accessories with the built-in power tap simultaneously.

Normally long-time high load powering will reduce the battery life quickly, but the heavy duty batteries will not be affected.

Built-in intelligent IC circuit control, will cut off power when over-voltage, short-voltage, over-current, short circuit, over-charging, over-discharging, and non-equilibrium in unconventional situation.

Moreover, the battery housing is made from the high-impact ABS, with waist design and non-slip tread for secure handling.