Dynacore DV2S

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Dynacore Charger ECO 2-way Sony NPF970/60 DV batteries

• Input: AC 100V~240V/50Hz~60Hz
• Charger Output: DC 8.4V/0.6A
• Dimension: 96 x 92 x 43mm
• Weight: Approx 0.15Kg
• Applicable: Dynacore DV-2S/4S/6S?SONY NP-F550/770/970
Since 2 parallel circuits are adopt, it can charge 2 different models batteries, with the same voltage (7.2V/7.4V).
The 2 parallel circuits can be used simultaneously.
With the same base, just by changing the mounting plates, it can charge different kinds of batteries.

Using Instruction:
1. After being used for 2-3 times, it can reach best performance.
2. For thre rechargable batteries which has been stored more than 1 week, some electricity will be lost, it needs to be recharged before use.
3. It is better for the charger to work indoor with ambient air.