Lowel-Light LC-94564E

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Lowel-Light Rifa Small Triple Soft Kit with TO-84Z Case and Lamps

• 1450 Total Watts
• Three Rifa Softbox Lights--eX 66, 55, 44
• Bulbs, Stands, TO-84Z Case
Lowel Light - Rifa Triple Soft is the quickest & softest interview kit possible. 3 Rifa's (250, 500, & 750w max.) for soft key, fill & back light - each with 60 second setup. Plus 2 KS Jr. & 1 Uni TO stands, hard or optional soft case.
For higher max. wattage in a larger case, check out the Rifa Large Triple Soft Kit.

(1x LC-66EXE, 1x FKR, 1x LC-55EXE, 1x FEP/500, 1x LC-44EXE, 1x CP/97, 2x DT-33, 1x UN-55, 1x D2-61, 1x TO-84Z)