Chimera 3725

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Chimera STAND ADAPTER - 4.5" (11.4cm) GRIP HEAD

Chimera 4 1/2" Grip Head Stand Adapter, for a 4 1/2" grip head used for heavier lights and larger softboxes.
Chimera Grip Head Adapters allow you to mount a speed ring into a 4.5" Grip Head or Junior Lollipop (not included) for mounting onto a stand. This relieves the weight of the lightbank from the fixture and provides a secure rigging option. Grip Head Adapters are highly recommended for smaller fixtures paired with large lightbanks. Key Features: Durable Aluminum Construction. Compatible with most 4.5" Junior Grip Heads or Lollipops (not included). Compatible with: 24-1/2" Daylite Sr. Ring (9834). 26-1/2" Daylite Sr. Ring (9844). 27-3/4" Daylite Sr. Ring (9854). 28-7/8" Daylite Sr. Ring (9864). 29" Daylite Sr. Ring (9464).