"Key your Light" met CRLS Reflectoren 
Masterclass door Jakob Ballinger

28 Mei 2022 in Amsterdam

Zaterdag 28 Mei 2022
Doelgroep: DoP’s, Filmmakers, Freelancers, Fotografen, Gaffers, Producers en Videomakers.
Locatie: Studio 1D / Allard Studio's, Nieuwe Hemweg 5 C, 1013 BG Amsterdam
Toegang: Gratis
1e sessie - 09.30 - 13.00u
2e sessie - 14.00 - 17.30u

Inhoud: Wat is CRLS - ca. ½ uur theorie met 3 uur hands on training en Q&A.

Maximaal 45 personen per sessie.

Inschrijven via info@bbplight.com

Voor meer informatie bel je met 020 - 690 98 98


Austrian cinematographer Christian Berger AAC, invented the Cine Reflect Lighting System (CRLS), and together with his gaffer Jakob Ballinger, founder of the Lightbridge, they have created a new style of painting with light and shadow that gives you control over diffused light without the need for flags or frames.


The LIGHTBRIDGE C-Reflector is the heart of the system. It comes in five different levels of diffusion, ranging between a real mirror and the classic muslin bounce. The specially engineered C-Reflectors utilize a precision aluminum-coated, smoothly polished, wrinkle free surface that reflects 97% of the light without any color shift. The C-Reflectors are free of spill light, reducing the need for flags and frames. With their unique feathering the C-Reflectors beautifully blend into every available light situation. They come in 5 diffusion grades and in 5 sizes: 7cmx7cm (2,7inch), 15cmx15cm (6inch), 25cmx25cm (9,8 inch), 50cmx50cm (19,7 inch), and 100cmx100cm (39,4 inch). A variety of kits and intuitive mounting solutions ensure a fast workflow.