Chimera Lighting SPEEDRING - CIRCULAR - 6 1/2" (165 mm) - VIDEO PRO - 9670

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Chimera Lighting SPEEDRING - CIRCULAR - 6 1/2" (165 mm) - VIDEO PRO

• Durable black polycarbonate outer housing suitable for fixtures below 400W.
• LIGHTBANK mount rotates for specific placement.
• Durable metal insert fits into the circular front barn door or accessory tray of light.
• Five-year warranty against defects.

Compatible LIGHTBANKs*:
• Video Pro Plus.
• Video Pro Strip.
• Video Pro Shallow.
• Standard Lantern.
• Pancake Lantern.
*Final compatibility is determined by the maximum recommended wattage of the LIGHTBANK and light.
Chimera speed ring for Arri Par 200/HMI 200/Plus 650, Strand Bambino 650, Supernova 200i, K5600 Joker 400, Altman 650L, Photon Beard 800, Calumet 650

Chimera Video Pro Polycarbonate Speed Rings offer a great budget-friendly option for mounting LIGHTBANKs to your SMALLer continuous lights.

With a matte black polycarbonate outer frame, these speed rings have four pole sockets to support Chimera's Video Pro and Lantern LIGHTBANKs.

The outer frame smoothly rotates 360 degrees, independent of the light-specific metal insert giving you control over LIGHTBANK placement.

Polycarbonate speed rings are suitable for lights up to 400 watts. For higher wattage lights, Chimera's Aluminum, Quick Release, or OctaPlus speed rings are recommended.