Chimera Lighting SPEEDRING - ADJUSTABLE - 5" - 9" (127 - 229 mm) - VIDEO PRO - 9901

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Chimera Lighting SPEEDRING - ADJUSTABLE - 5" - 9" (127 - 229 mm) - VIDEO PRO

• Durable aluminum construction.
• Angled pole blocks to fit Video Pro Plus, Video Pro Strip, and Video Pro Shallow.
• Four adjustable indexed ears to fit a wide range of light fixtures.
• Five-year warranty against defects.

Compatible LIGHTBANKs*:
• Chimera Video Pro Plus SMALL (8124/8125).
• Chimera Video Pro Plus MEDIUM (8134/8135).
• Chimera Video Pro Plus Large (8144/8145).
• Chimera Video Pro Strip SMALL (8154/8155).
• Chimera Video Pro Strip MEDIUM (8164/8165).
• Chimera Video Pro Strip Large (8174/8175).
• Chimera Video Pro Shallow SMALL (8024/8025).
• Chimera Video Pro Shallow MEDIUM (8034/8035).
• Chimera Video Pro Shallow Large (8044/8045).
• Chimera Video Pro LOW HEAT SMALL (8124LH).
• Chimera Video Pro LOW HEAT MEDIUM (8134LH).
• Chimera Video Pro LOW HEAT Large (8144LH).
*Final compatibility is determined by the maximum recommended wattage of the LIGHTBANK and light combination.
Chimera Adjustable Speed Ring is designed to attach a Chimera Video Pro, or any brand rectangular heat resistant softbox to any light fixture that accepts accessories from 5 - 9" in diameter.

Chimera's Adjustable Video Pro speed ring features four adjustable ears to accommodate the barn door or accessory holders of a wide range of fixtures.

The indexed ears are engraved at each measurement increment and fit lights from 5 in (125mm) to 9 in (229 mm).

This ring is designed with four pole blocks, to fit Chimera's Video Pro LIGHTBANKs, offering an immense versatility of light shaping.

Note: Due to the design of the barn door / accessory holders, Adjustable Speed Rings are not compatible with LTM fixtures.