Tecpro FL-PLUS

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Dedolight Tecpro Fillini Plus On-Board LED Light Head with Diffuser, CTO Filter and Built-in Dimmer (No Power Supply)

• Powered from DC output of video cameras • Daylight • Tungsten flip down filter (3200Kelvin) • Attaches via camera shoe
Dedolight Tecpro FIllini Plus On Board LED. The new Fillini Plus looks very similar but provides more than three times the light. Power (DC 4-15v) - Fillini Plus no longer works with internal batteries.
Can be powered from the DC output of professional video cameras or Anton Bauer gold Mount plates (PAG or Swit versions also available).

Optional battery shoes hook onto the back of the Fillini Plus in versions for Sony, Panasonic or Canon mini DV battery.