Hive Lighting PLASMA Flood 250x2 Kit - Flicker Free, Full Color Spectrum - High Speed Lighting - BPF-BBK

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Hive Lighting PLASMA Flood 250x2 Kit - Flicker Free, Full Color Spectrum - High Speed Lighting

• Plasma Fixture
• For Broadcasters, Filmmakers and researchers
• Works perfect with a High Speed Camera
• Power Supply 550W
• Daylight 4600K 7000K
• CCTBulb Life30,000 Hour
• Full Spectrum
• 94+ CRI
• Flicker Free
• Aperture F8 at 10' (ISO 400)

BumbleBee Kit includes:
• 2 Bee Heads
• 1 Dual Power Supply
• 2 15 foot Header Cables
• 2 Scrim Sets
• A Two-Light Hard Rolling Case
• Killer Double Header Mount
Hive Lighting Bumble Bee Kit is perfect for High Speed Cameras, is Flicker Free, Durable and has a High Output and Full Color Specturm

Flicker Free:
Hive’s Plasma lighting is completely flicker free. Plasma is the world’s most reliable high-speed light source. The process of super heating the argon gas in each bulb requires cycles well beyond the frame rates currently possible with any high-speed camera. At 450Mhz, a plasma bulb cycles 450 million times per second, the equivalent of 225 million frames per second before any flicker could be detected. The fastest HMIs are usually cycling at 1000hz, or 450,000 times slower per second; even the fastest LEDs are only at 5000hz.

Hive’s plasma bulbs are electrode-less, filament free and unpressurized with an inert noble gas fill. The result is a vibration, impact and weather resistant lamp. The bulb will maintain high output and color quality for 30,000 hours of operation, and will produce light for 50,000. The electronics are rated for over 100,000 hours in IP65 conditions. While no technology is completely indestructible, plasma bulbs have become the go to choice in many mission critical lighting applications inside and outside the entertainment lighting world.

High Output:
Just like sunlight plasma is bright. But Plasma is also very efficient, in fact as many as 7 Wasps can be plugged into a single wall socket (US: 120V, 20A). That produces the equivalent amount of light as a 4,000Watt Hmi, but plugged into the wall! The small arc of a plasma bulb allows for extremely efficient optics. This means that the single plasma point source is perfect for any long throw application. If you need light 5 or 500 feet away, plasma’s fall off is much more efficient than any other light source.

Full Spectrum:
Plasma is sunlight. And just like the sun, plasma lights are full spectrum daylight with perfect color rendering. With Hive’s Variable Color Temp or VCT, Hives plasma bulbs can track with the changing color temperature of the sun from 4600K – 7000K while maintaining full spectrum output and a CRI above 98. But the key to Hive’s spectrum is unlike Tungsten with little to no blue or HMIs with no red, plasma’s spectrum like the sun is able to render color equally across the visible spectrum

2x Bee PLASMA Flood Heads and 15' Cables, Dual AC Power Supply, 2x 5-Piece Scrim Sets, Killer Double Header Stand Mount, BumbleBee Beefy Baby Kit Stand, Two Light Hard Rolling Case. CRI 94.
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