Dedolight Fluores-Zilla UV 365nm LED Light - Black Light - DLOBML-UV365

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Dedolight Fluores-Zilla UV 365nm LED Light - Black Light

• Focusing range of 4 to 56 Degree
• No heat emission in exiting rays
• Irradiance:
Flood 1 mtr 6 mW/m2
Spot 1 mtr 51 mW/m2
• Offers even light distribution in each focus position
• Power Consumption 6W
Dedolight Fluores-Zilla UV 365 LED Light uses double aspheric optics to offer a maximum output of 1500mW.

When dimmed to 50%, the power consumption is lowered accordingly, resulting in an increased run time.

The light offers gentle dimming from full intensity to 5% without any change of color.

Supports alternative power supply from Anton/Bauer or PAG system, cigarette lighter adapter, or battery belt

Suitable for applications such as black light effect / UV-active body painting, UV-active deco material, magic ink / edding UV-marker, fluorescent wall paintings, bank note (document testing), mineralogy, and criminology