Dedolight Projection Attachment with 85mm Lens - DP1-1

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Dedolight Projection Attachment with 85mm Lens

• Background effects
• High precision accenting
• Framing
• Window/sunlight effects
• Highlight and table top effects

Available Accessories:
• DPGH – Gobo Holder
• DPFS – Framing Shutters
• DPIR- IRIS Attachment
• DPEYESET – Lens diffuser
• DPACP – Accessory Pouch
• Lenses: 30mm, 50mm, 60mm, 85mm (included), 70-120mm Zoom, 85-150mm Zoom, 150mm, 185mm
More options available upon request
Dedolight - Fits DLH4 & DLED4 - Accessory Chamber (Approx. Gobo+). DP1 Imager offers the greatest versatility with a spring loaded accessory slot to accept a wide range of imaging accessories.

The Dedolight Imager Projectors take “painting with light" to a new level.

The DP1 is manufactured with a spring loaded chamber for accessories to provide a multitude of effects including:
• Background effects
• Window/sunlight effects
• Logo projection
• Highlight and table top effects The DP1.1 can be used with steel or Glass Gobos to which framing shutters can be added.

Steel gobos can be layered so a window gobo with a leaf breakup can be used together.

This in turn can be used with framing shutters to further control the size of the projection.

Focus can easily be adjusted from ultra-sharp to out of focus helping establish shallow depth of field.