Akurat D32bi Soft BiColor LED Studio Kit 400W with DMX and AC Adapter - D32BI-SK-DMX

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Akurat D32bi Soft BiColor LED Studio Kit 400W with DMX and AC Adapter

• Angle of beam - 90 deg.
• Corelated Colour Temperature - 3100-5650 K
• Colour Rendering Index CRI 95
• Flicker Free
• Dimming - 0-100%
+/- G control - +/- 64 steps only in D8G and D32G models
- D32 - 400W
Photometric specification:
1 m - 11400lx (d) / 10300lx (t)
1,2 m - 8500lx (d) / 7500lx (t)
1,8 m - 4400lx (d) / 3900lx (t)
2,4 m - 2800lx (d) / 2500lx (t)
3 m - 2080lx (d) / 1850lx (t)
D32 – large soft bi-colour LED panel for studio and cinema industry
D32 is a model size 4 times the panels D8. Measuring 102 × 51 cm aluminum illuminator is equipped with two sets of highly efficient high-CRI SMD LEDs.
Such a design, combined with a microprocessor-based controller, provides brightness and colour temperature adjustment capabilities..

D32 outputs up to 36000 lumens at 400W of power consumption..

Only AC power is allowed..

DMX control in option.

Version with an extension of G – D32G is additionally equipped with a +/- G adjustment that allows tuning of the hue of light to the vision of the cinematographer or to the ambient.

We offer customized production of such or similar big illuminators up to dimension of 200×100 cm and power to 1600W. .

This offer is addressed specially for rental companies or big production studios.

Key features of D32 lights:
• Beautiful very strong soft light.
• Possibility of +/- G hue correction (D32G only).
• No flickering effect, suitable for illuminating locations and sets filmed in slow motion at any frame rate.
• Stepless colour temperature adjustment capability as well as switching between standard daylight and tungsten colour temperature settings.
• Freely adjustable brightness (0–100%).
• DMX512 signal control capability (option).
• Several indications: current colour temperature in K, per cent brightness, +/-G correction (D32G only).
• Non-volatile user settings memory.
• High efficiency and low operating temperature.
• Aluminum housing.
• Highly robust, resistant to shocks and moisture.
• Dependability.
• Long service life.
• Intuitive operation.