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Akurat D8Gbi Soft BiColor LED Reporter Kit 100W with +/- Green Control, AC Adapter, V-Lock Battery Adapter Plate, Angle Head and Carrying Bag

• Angle of beam - 90 deg
• Corelated Colour Temperature - 3100-5650 K
• Colour Rendering Index CRI 95
• Flicker Free
• Dimming - 0-100%
+/- G control - +/- 64 steps - only in D8G and D32G models
D8 - 100W
Photometrics in LUX:
1 m - 3000lx (d) / 2540lx (t)
1,2 m - 2200lx (d) / 1830 (t)
1,8 m - 1010lx (d) / 930 (t)
2,4 m - 670lx (d) / 580 (t)
3 m - 470lx (d) / 425 (t)
Power 100W.
Green/Magenta Control
Maximal Voltage 18 V.
Passive Cooling.
Aluminum Lightweight Body.
CRI 95+
D8G control panel consists of buttons for device operation, and a display for indicating current percent brightness setting, current colour temperature expressed in kelvins and additionally the +/- G correction value.

The driver allows the +/- G correction in 127 steps. Zero on the display means no correction, +63 represents the maximum shift of hue towards green, – 63 represents the maximum shift of hue towards purple.CRI 95+.

Key features of D8 lights:
• Beautiful strong soft light.
• Possibility of +/- G hue correction (D8G only).
• No flickering effect, suitable for illuminating locations and sets filmed in slow motion at any frame rate.
• Stepless colour temperature adjustment capability as well as switching between standard daylight and tungsten colour temperature settings.
• Freely adjustable brightness (0–100%).
• DMX512 signal control capability (option).

Several indications:
• Current colour temperature in K, per cent brightness, +/-G correction, battery voltage. Non-volatile user settings memory.
• Can be powered by the V-Lock type battery.
• High efficiency and low operating temperature.
• Aluminum housing. Highly robust, resistant to shocks and moisture.
• Dependability. Long service life. Intuitive operation.
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