Avenger Light Stand - Black - A625B

EAN: 8024221072617
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Avenger Light Stand - Black

• Weight 38.8 oz
• Material Aluminum
• Maximum Height 94.09 in
• Color Black
• Top Attachment 5/8" (16mm) stud
Avenger - Aluminium stand, T-locking knobs, Stand with 4 sections and 3 risers. Payload 4 kg
This Avenger Light Stand is a versatile, lightweight, black aluminum alloy support.

It is quick to set up and very stable. Its locking T-knobs are large and ergonomic, making it easy for you to efficiently lock each section.

This stand rises to a maximum height of 7.8' and breaks down to 2.1'.

Aluminium stand with 4 sections, 3 risers.