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Tecpro Felloni TURBO 1X1 LED Bicolor Flood Fixture with Diffuser, Detachable Onboard Dimmer with 1,2m Cable for Remote Dimming, V-lock Mount, Power Supply and Euro Power Cord

9000 lux 1m, 2250 lux 2m, 1000 lux 3m, 360 lux 5m
8500 lux 1m, 2125 lux 2m, 944 lux 3m, 340 lux 5m
• Active Cooling:When active cooling is switched off, light output decreases by 16%-20%
• Perfect colour: CRI (Ra) 92-94 / TLCI 94-95 / Delta UV 0.0026
• Angle of exit: 40 Degree
• Weight: 2.3 kg / 5.1lb, with AC power supply 2.8 kg / 6.2 lb
• Mounting: 28mm pin (junior), 16mm receptacle (baby)
• Power input: 13-24 V/DC
• Maximum current: DC 12.3 Amp ot 13V, 6.6 Amp at 24V
• Power consumption: 155W
• Dimming: 100%-0% continuously
• Color of fixture: black
• Working temperature: -20 to +45 DegreeC / -4 to 113 DegreeF
• Protection class: IP20
• Expected lifetime of LEDs: (LM7O) 50,000 hours
• Each lndividual LED has its own optics with gentle diffusing properties
• High amperage batteries recommended
The Felloni Turbo is 5 times brighter than the classic 'High Output' Felloni
For mobile teams: Extreme light output with friendly light character, sufficient as fill light in full daylight situations. For studios: High light output, for reach, friendly light character, made possible by big number of LED light sources (576 LEDs).

A square soft box enlarges the area of light emission for gentler light and shadow transitions.

In preparation: a very large, rectangular soft box with an enormous area of light emission, illuminated evenly.

For use as back light, 2 different honeycomb grids are available. lf, within a studio it becomes necessary to switch off the active cooling, the light output will be decreased by only 16%

For mobile use it can be desirable to use a set of 3 Fellonis with one only Felloni Turbo, in combination wilh 2 troditional Felloni HO bicolour lights, possibly a dedocolor version to guarontee best possible colour quality.