Hive Lighting HORNET 200-C Par Spot Omni-Color LED Light - HLS2C-PS

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Hive Lighting HORNET 200-C Par Spot Omni-Color LED Light

HORNET 200-C™ Features:
• Omni-Color LED
• 150W draw
• 700-1000W incandescent equivalent
• Up to 98 CRI / 97 TLCI
• 360° Hue Control
• 0 – 100% Dimming Control
• 0 – 100% Saturation Control
• 1,650K – 8,000K Color Temperature
• Manual, Wireless/Wired DMX, and Smartphone control
• 100 – 240V AC input via Universal Wall/Battery
• 24 – 36V DC input via XLR
• 9” / 229mm Length
• 4” / 100mm Diameter
• 2.6 lbs. / 1.3 kg. Weight

Hornet 200-C Head Unit
Super Spot Reflector
Hornet 200-C Power Supply 100-240 VAC
9.5” 4-Leaf Barn Doors
Hive Adjustable Yoke

Hive Lighting - Upgraded Super Spot Reflector, concentrate Hive brightest light for a long throw and high output. This accessory more than doubles the Hornet 200-C’s brightness.
Compatible with the included 9.5" barndoors, a separate HDP lens set, or any standard 9.5" speed ring. Hive’s LED products are the first to use Omni-color technology. Hive uses a combination of secondary and tertiary colored LEDS (Red, Amber, Lime, Cyan and Sapphire) to create a more complete and even spectrum than traditional RGBW. A proprietary algorithm combines the 5 different colors into a brilliant white-balanced light and millions of saturated color combinations. While traditional color changing LEDs use 3 base colors or 2 “white” LEDs , Hive’s Wasp 100-C has far higher color quality and far greater control than Bi-Color or RGB LEDs. This means virtually no loss of Output or CRI from Tungsten (3200K) to Daylight (5600K) for full spectrum white light.