Bestboy Flag & Scrim Storage Bag for 24" x 30" - 611016C

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Bestboy Flag & Scrim Storage Bag for 24" x 30"

Size Black Blue Yellow Red
• to 120mm 611006a 612006a 613006a 615006a
• to 150mm 611006b 612006b 613006b 615006b
• to 180mm 611006c 612006c 613006c 615006c
• to 220mm 611006d 612006d 613006d 615006d
• to 290mm 611006e 612006e 613006e 615006e
• to 380mm 611006f 612006f 613006f 615006f
• to 420mm 611006g 612006g 613006g 615006g

• to 540mm with aluminum rail
611006h Black
612006h Blue
613006h Yellow
615006h Red

• to 590mm with aluminum rail (for ARRI M90)
611006j Black
612006j Blue
613006j Yellow
615006j Red

• to 770mm with aluminum rail
611006i Black
612006i Blue
613006i Yellow
615006i Red
Bestboy - For protection the sensitive scrims are stored separately. Address tag
Every bag is made of extremely tough Cordura for maximum protection and durability.