Kino Flo BAL-210-F230

Kino Flo
KF-BAL-210 F230
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• Ballast: Double
• Input Voltage: 240V - 50/60Hz
• Output Frequency: 25kHz
• Amperage:
F75/0.7A, F40/0.7A
F30/0.4A, F20/0.3A
• Lamp Switching: 1~2
• Output Swithing: 4ft/2ft
• Dimensions: 9 x 9.5 x 3" (23 x 24 x 7.6cm)
• Weight: 3.3 lb (1.5kg)
Kino Flo Double ballast is a high output, high frequency electronic ballast with input voltage of 240VAC that can operate two lamps (4ft or 2ft) up to 75 feet between ballast and fixture.
The ballast sends a high output current to the lamp to drive the light as brightly as possible.

Its high frequency electronics prevent any type of flicker as well.

Custom electronic engineering ensures stable operation without magnetic hum or cooling fans to interfere with the sound recording on set. There is no delay when turning the lamp on/off.

The ballast operates the light on/off instantly.

There is also a special Select switch to raise or drop the wattage in the tube for light output and color control.

Keeping the ballast remote from the fixture and lamp makes the controls more accessible to lighting crews who might need to rig the fixtures into set designs or high up in a lighting grid, but switch them easily from a convenient location on the stage floor.