Cineo Lighting 1100-0311
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Cineo Lighting LB4-80 Lightblade Edge 4ft Single-blade Fixture, complete with all cables and baby pin. Re-usable Coroplast box

• Kelvin Range: 2700K - 6500K
• Full Gamut, Five Color
• Flicker Free
• Passive Cooling
• Size: 1.3m W, 1,3m H, 203mm D
• Weight: 41 kg
• Power Consumption: 24VDC or 110/220VAC 1000W
• Control/Interface: GUI Interface/DMX/Wireless
• Beam Abgle 160 Degree
• Optimal for: Set Lighting, Talent Lighting

NBCUniversal has designed the ultimate creative lighting tool: the LB1K. Combining superior white light with innovative saturated color technology, the LB1K delivers up to 60,000 lumens of beautiful, easily controllable, full-gamut light across a diffused 4' x 4' aperture.

With built in power supply and silent operation, the LB1K draws 1000 watts of power in a package that is less than 90 lbs and is less than 6 inches deep.

Creating beautiful white light with extended color gamut in smart packaging is only part of the story.

LightBlade uses an intuitive control strategy that allows predictable, repeatable results, either using the graphic on board control panel or remotely with wired or built-in wireless CRMX control.

The strategy for control is simple.

Whether using local or DMX settings, four independent controls (Dim, White, Color and Saturation) give range to the entire fixture via a single mode of intuitive operation.

The LB1K can operate as a unified light source with singular, unified CCT and saturated color across the entire fixture aperture, or it can be controlled as 10 independent Zones.

This unique expanded zonal control provides lighting professionals a powerful tool to create motion lighting effects across the surface of the fixture.