Hive Lighting BUMBLE BEE 25-C with Clip-On Fresnel Omni-Color LED Light - BBLS25C-COFS

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Hive Lighting BUMBLE BEE 25-C with Clip-On Fresnel Omni-Color LED Light

• Omni-Color LED
• 25W draw
• 150W incandescent equivalent
• Up to 98 CRI / 97 TLCI
• 360° Hue Control
• 0 – 100% Dimming Control
• 0 – 100% Saturation Control
• 1,650K – 8,000K Color Temperature
• DMX and Smartphone control
• 100 – 240 V input via Universal Wall/Battery
• 24V input via DC power connector
• 2.5” / 63mm Length
• 4” / 100mm Diameter
• 1 lbs. / 0.5 kg. Weight

• Inside the Box:
Bumble Bee 25-C Fixture
Universal AC Power Supply for Bumble Bee 25-C
Clip-On Fresnel Set (Tight, Medium, Wide)
Baby Pin to 1/4-20
Hive Lighting Bumble Bee 25-C is Hive Lighting’s most portable light. Using just 25 watts to produce light output comparable up to a 150W incandescent.
Its 2.5” length and multiple mounting points allow for easy rigging to cameras, drones, practicals, stages, and sets.

The 25-C can run off a battery or universal wall power, it weighs just 1 lb, and is compatible with thousands of accessories

Use the free Hive SHOT App
Hive Lighting’s SHOT App allows you to adjust the Saturation, Hue, Output, and color Temperature any C-Series light to create the perfect lighting for any shot. You can assign scenes with programmed color saved to the C-Series lights themselves or in the SHOT App’s memory, make fine adjustments, or quickly change from daylight to candlelight. Hive SHOT gives you complete control over C-Series lights remotely via Bluetooth.