Lightstar - LUXED-12-H LED Bi-Color Spotlight 2160W Lamphead - 2800-6500K - LUXED-12-H

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Lightstar - LUXED-12-H LED Bi-Color Spotlight 2160W Lamphead - 2800-6500K

Lightstar LUXED-12
• Photometrics:
16000 lux 4 m, 11000 lux 5m, 8200 lux 6m
• Color temperature: 2800-6500K
• Brightness: 0-100%
• CRI: >95
• TLCI: >96
• Input: 100-240V
• Strobe: 1Hz-50Hz
• Control: Separate control
• Dimension(mm): 1256Hx216Wx1526L(mm)
• IP Class: IP20
• DMX: Available
• Housing Color: Black, Yellow

• In the box:
1x Lamphead
1x Cable

• Optional accessory:
Rainproof Cover
Lightstar LED Bi-Color Spotlight 2160W CRI >95, dimmable 0-100%, adjustable color temperature 2800K-6500K, High Intensity. Support each unit separate control, color temperature, brightness and strobe TLCI >96
LED Bi-Color Spotlight 2160W

Modular design, support personality combination, suitable for more scenarios

Various accessories, easy to meet customer’s different scene requirements

The housing is simple in structure, convenient in installation and disassembly, high structural strength and lighter compared with the same power LED light

High quality light output, CRI?94, brightness 0-100% adjustable

The color temperature is continuously adjustable within 2,800K-6,500k

Support DMX 512, Lumen radio communication protocol, LCD software control, multifunctional, easy to operate.

Add a skirt and you have a Spacelight