Dynacore DS-95AI self charging 95Wh USB/DTAP G-Mount (built-in charger) - DS-95AI

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Dynacore DS-95AI self charging 95Wh USB/DTAP G-Mount (built-in charger)

• Model: DS-95Ai
• Battery Type: G-Mount
• Voltage: 14.8V
• Capacity: 95Wh/6.6Ah
• Max Output: 50W,3.5A
• Dimension: 180 x 105 x 67 (mm)
• Weight: 1.00Kg
• Operating temperature: -30 DegreeC / +50 DegreeC
Dynacore Internal Charger Battery G-Mount
? Light weight, compact, high performance Lithium-ion battery pack.
? Can be charged by itself without using external charger. LED indicator will light on from 1 LED to 5 LEDs during charging, and all off when fully charged.
? Five-step LED power status indicator shows accurately remaining battery capacity.
? Industry standard Power Tap& USB output(5V, 1A) can fit to On-board Camera Light and other accessories.Before using the USB output, long press the LED check button for 3 seconds to activate it.
? Input Voltage AC90V~240V 50~60Hz, apply to the global power grid.
? Built-in intelligent IC circuit control, protection for over-charge, over-discharge, over current, outside circuit short and non-equilibrium in unconventional situation.
? Non-memory effect.
? Environment-friendly: No poisonous elements such as hydragyrum and cadmium, ect.
? Dynacore Batteries are manufactured according to CE,ROHS standard.