Vibesta Peragos Disk 304P Power Daylight LED light - 16001100

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Vibesta Peragos Disk 304P Power Daylight LED light

Peragos Disk 304P
• Photometrics:
30° at 5600K
14148 lux - 0.5m
3537 lux - 1m
884 lux - 2m

• Daylight 5600K
• Wireless Control
• High Speed Flash Sync
• Art-Net with RTX-1 Route
• TLCI: 94-98
• CRI 93-97
• Beam Angle 30°
• Colour Temperature 5600K
• Dimming 0-100% Variable

• Power Consumption Max. 24W
• Input Voltage Range 10 - 18 V DC
• Input Current Range 2.4 A Maximum
• Input Connector 2.5 DC
• AA Battery 6× AA Battery (minimal 2700mAh)
• Li-ion Battery NP-F Battery

• SYNC Interface 2.5mm Sub-mini Jack
• Thermal Design Silent Passive Cooling
• Protection Class IP 20
• Net Weight 0.35 kg
• Certifications CE, FCC, RoHS, REACH
• The Circular Shape of the Vibesta Peragos Disk creates beautiful catchlights for portraits, blogging and interviews.
• Color Temperatue 5600K

• Being Very Compact makes it easy to travel with and a complete lighting kit of several disks can be packed in a small bag.
The Vibesta Peragos Disk is one of the most versatile lights on the market.

• Compact As An On-Camera Light.
Lightweight and compact but with a massive output to be used as a key, fill and back light.

• Flash Mode.
Flash mode without any recycle time at 200% of the maximum continuous light output to freeze action shots.

• Mount It Anywhere.
With it’s compact size and low weight and it’s 1/4" threading you can mount the light everywhere with simple grip equipment.

• High-End Color Reproduction.
Using latest technology, the Peragos disks are among the most color accurate fixtures available today, rendering colors beautifully with a TLCI up to 98.

• Power In A Small Package.
The Peragos disk offer incredible brightness that you don’t expect from their compact size. With up to 14148 lux@0.5m you can use them as key-, fill- or back-lights and match the output of much bigger fixtures.

• Powered By Battery or AC.
You can power the Peragos disks by NP-F type batteries, normal AA batteries (minimal 2700mAh) or and AC adapter.

• Wireless Control
Every Peragos Disk includes a built-in wireless receiver so that it can be controlled by any ArtNet compatible app with the upcoming wireless router.

*needs optional RTX1 router

• Flicker Free
The Peragos Disks are flicker free and can be used with high shutter speeds for photography as well as for high speed video shoots. To prevent flicker in any situation the frequency of the Peragos can be adjusted up to 16000 Hz.