Astera ART7 AsteraBox CRMX - ART7

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Astera ART7 AsteraBox CRMX

Astera ART7
• Electrical
Battery: LG Chem
Battery Runtime: 72 hours (Astera App mode) 16 hours (CRMX Mode)
Range: 300m

• Wireless Frequency
• Construction
Housing: Aluminium
Weight: 0.230kg
Dimensions: L144 x W78 x H30mm
Port: Micro-USB for charging 3.5? jack for DMX input
Connect your phone via Bluetooth or your DMX desk via cable to the ART7 to control your Astera lights
AsteraBox CRMX is the interface between lights and controller.

It can be used as a wireless DMX transmitter with CRMX technology and also works as interface between app and lights.

The ART7 can transmit up to 512 DMX channels with the most stable wireless DMX available.

It's built in batery enables easy and time saving setup, just like all other Astera products.

• Available accessories
Micro-USB Cable
(ART7-CSE) Carrying Case
(ART7-DMXA) DMX Adapter