Lowel Light Stand-fitting / Tilt-bracket - CF-36

Lowel Light
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Lowel Light Stand-fitting / Tilt-bracket

• 220-230V AC
• Lamps 4- 55W 5400 or 3000 DegreeK (optional)
• Ballast Internal
• Mounting Mounting plate, Tilt-bracket, 5/8"
• Weight 3.6kg
• Dimensions 60.5 x 32.5 x 20.cm
Lowel Light bracket with 5/8" stud. Keeps Caselite's center of gravity squarely over stand for best balance, while allowing maximum rotation and angling of fixture
Lowel Caselites are designed to offer beautiful, soft, easy to use fluorescents in a compact, location friendly system.

The current popularity of fluorescent lights in film & video production and Photography is well deserved.

They offer cool, soft and efficient light at several times the output of incandescent halogen sources.

Lamps not included

Caselites are compact, lightweight, rugged and completely self-contained without sacrificing output or light quality.

The all-in-one Caselite is both light and case combined.