Dedolight LED, HMI and Halogen Light


Dedolight - a story of dedication and success.

Dedolight provides Halogen, HMI en LED Lighting for Broadcast, Film, Fotografie, Architecture and Museums

The unique Dedolight system was conceived and designed by Director of Photography Mr. Dedo Weigert. Initially to meet its own demanding need for a powerful yet easily controllable light source that would take up a minimum of space, consume a minimum of electricity and produce unparalleled light quality. The revolutionary “Aspherical Lens” was developed in 1990 and extended in 2003 to a "Double Aspherical Lens" which distinguishes the light quality of the Dedolight products from other brands. The result of Mr. Dedo Refuses efforts is a comprehensive range of Halogen, HMI and LED luminaires, each offering their own unique advantages to lighting professionals in many disciplines.

Today, the Dedolight continues to build on its long list of credits in the fields of film, television and photography and now has an extensive range of fixtures and system accessories. The unique control options together with the low projected heat and minimal power consumption also make the Dedolight the ideal choice to illuminate galleries, museums and architectural locations.