Roscotex Butterflies/Overhead Fabric

Roscotex manufactures Butterfly/Overhead fabric for use by Filmmakers, Photographers, Videographers and in Studios. All Roscotex Butterflies/Overheads can be used in Butterfly/Overhead frames and are available in sizes 4'x4', 6'x6', 8'x8', 12'x12', 20'x20', 12'x20', 8'x12' or can also be specially customized. Roscotex manufactures Roscotex Grid Cloth, Roscotex Silent Grid Cloth, Roscotex Cinebounce, Roscotex Cine Diffuser, Roscotex Cine Griffylon, Roscotex Molton (black or white), Roscotex Commando, Roscotex Muslin, Roscotex Windbag, Roscotex Gobelin, Roscotex Chromakey, Roscotex Net, Roscotex Reflector and Roscotex Silk Butterflies/Overhead fabric. Roscotex Butterfly/Overhead fabrics are used to control lighting effects such as diffusion, reflection, light intensity, color temperature, etc.

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Buy Roscotex Butterfly Cloth?

Are you a professional photographer, filmmaker or videographer? Then you know the importance of the right accessories. If you are looking for a Roscotex Grid Cloth Butterfly or other Butterfly/Overhead fabric for your studio or for use on location, we highly recommend Roscotex Butterfly/Overhead fabrics. In addition to Roscotex Grid Cloth Butterfly Cloths, Roscotex also supplies, for example, Cinebounce Butterfly/Overhead fabric, Cine Diffuser Butterfly fabric, Cine Griffylon Butterfly fabric, Molton Butterfly fabric, Commando Butterfly fabric, Muslin Butterfly/Overhead fabric, Windbag Butterfly fabric, Gobelin Scrim Butterfly fabric, Soft Frost Butterfly fabric, Chromakey Butterfly fabric and Silk Butterfly fabric. Roscotex is a top brand where the highest quality is always delivered. All of Rosco's Butterfly fabric are made by hand. Using the Grid Cloth Butterfly from Roscotex in your studio or working on location with it is a sure way to ensure that every photo, film or video shoot you make will be absolutely perfect.

Buy Roscotex Silent Grid Cloth Butterfly/Overhead fabric at BBP Light?

When shooting in a studio or on location, it is important that all conditions are completely right. Then you also want to make sure that you have the best products available to work with. It is therefore a good idea to work with the Roscotex Silent Grid Cloth Butterfly/Overhead fabric or with one of the other Roscotex Butterflies/Overhead fabrics. With Roscotex Butterfly fabrics you buy products you can rely on, at BBP Light we include bungees for optimal tensioning in Butterfly Frames. Bungees are also faster than ties and will extend the lifetime of the butterfly/overhead fabric! Roscotex is one of the top brands we sell. Most Roscotex Butterfly/Overhead fabrics are available from stock at BBP Light.

Buy Roscotex Butterfly/Overhead fabrics at BBP Light?

Roscotex Butterfly/Overhead fabrics are an essential part of every studio. If so, we advise you to come and have a look at our assortment at BBP Light. You can take your time to have a look at our online assortment, but you are also welcome to visit our showroom in Amsterdam where we have all our products on display for you. Feel free to come by and take a look at our lighting brands or Butterfly/Overhead fabrics which you would like to use in your studio. Many Roscotex Butterfly/Overhead fabrics are available from stock at BBP Light!