Kino Flo Lighting Systems

Kino Flo is a well-known name in the Film, Photography, Studios, Videos and Museums world. For more than three decades Kino Flo is the leader in color accuracy and that applies to all models in the Kino Flo product line. The skin tones are more than perfect. Well known Kino Flo LED fixtures are the Kino Flo MIMIK (VR), Kino Flo Diva-Lite, Kino Flo Celeb, Kino Flo FreeStyle, Kino Flo, FreeStyle Air and the Kino Flo Image fixrures. All Kino Flo LED Softlights and Tube fixtures include camera look-up tables for harmonizing Kino Flo lighting with (cinema) cameras, a suite of upgradeable color, sfx features and a lot more!

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Buy Kino Flo MIMIK LED?

If you are looking for the right lighting to use in your studio or on location, we recommend you come and have a look at BBP Light's product range. Since 1992 we have been the experts in continuous lighting and all accessories you may need. We sell only the top brands, including the top brand Kino Flo. Whether you are a professional in photography, filming or videographer. The Kino Flo LED lights are lights that are right for any situation. New are the Kino Flo MIMIK (VR Lighting), Kino Flo FreeStyle and FreeSyle Air LED fixtures, RGB with 2 white chips. If you are looking for quality, go for Kino Flo!

Looking to buy Kino Flo FreeStyle T44 LED at BBP Light?

With Kino Flo LED lighting, you can count on light of the finest quality. A perfect light color, a nice intensity... The Kino Flo FreeStyle T44 Led lighting can be called absolutely perfect in all different ways. We are proud to have Kino Flo products in our assortment. Buying Kino Flo FreeStyle LED for Broadcast, Film, Photography and Studio lighting is very easy in our webshop. Just choose the Kino Flo FreeStyle LED lighting that best suits your needs. You can also always contact us or stop by our showroom if you have a question about a particular Kino Flo product or other products in our assortment.

Buy Kino Flo Diva-Lite, Celeb, Image or FreeStyle LED?

As an image maker, it is important that you buy exactly the product that fits your needs. That's why we recommend that you check out BBP Light if you are looking for continuous lighting for your Broadcast, Film, Photography or Studio. Kino Diva-Lite, Celeb, FreeStyle, FreeStyle Air and Image LED lighting is also available in our showroom. We have a showroom in Amsterdam where you are very welcome. If you want to know more about a particular product or want to test it, we will be happy to answer all your questions.