Astera LED Lighting

Astera Led uses RGBMA (RGB + Mint + Amber), are IP65, can used with the user friendly Astera App and feature wired and wireless DMX. The Astera Bulbs, LED Tubes and event lights have a built-in battery and can be controlled remotely. Some well-known Astera LED products are the Astera NYX Bulb, Astera Helios, Astera Titan, Astera Hyperion and Astera AX1 PIXEL LED Tubes, Astera HydraPanel, Astera AX3 and AX9 and the new Astera PlutoFresnel and Astera LeoFresnel. In collaboration with DoPchoice they developed SnapBags and SnapGrids for the various fixtures. The Astera products are widely used in films, commercials, music videos and during events.

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Buy Astera Titan LED Tubes?

Astera LED Tubes are battery powered and can be remotely controlled with wireless DMX and used with the free Astera App, making them ideal for the Film, Video and entertainment industry. Astera LED tubes are IP65 and therefore Waterproof and they are also equipped with special effects. Well known Astera products are the Astera Helios LED Tube, Astera Titan LED Tube, Astera Hyperion LED Tube and Astera AX1 PIXEL Tube and the Astera NYX LED Bulb. Furthermore, Astera offers a wide range of grip solutions for use in combination with these Astera LED Tubes. Well known Astera products are the Astera HydraPanel, Astera AX3 LightDrop, Astera AX9 Powerbar, Astera AX10 SpotMax, Astera PB15 PixelBrick, Astera PlutoFresnel, Astera LeoFresnel.

Buy Astera LED Tubes at BBP Light?

At BBP Light we have been active in the field of professional continuous lighting since 1992 and one of our professional continuous lighting brands is Astera LED Tubes. The Astera Helios LED Tube (550mm) and the Astera Titan LED Tube (1035MMM) are a must have on every set. Learn more or come by to test the Astera LED Tubes in our Showroom in Amsterdam. Feel free to drop by, our staff will be happy to show you all the advantages of the Astera brand.

Buy Astera XA1 PIXEL at BBP Light?

Looking for the better quality PIXEL LED Tube then we invite you to take a look at the brand Astera LED Tubes. Astera manufactures RGB LED Tubes and these are specifically designed for use on the set. The Astera AX1 Pixel is a RGBW LED tube with 1 white chip. Other LED Tube products of this brand are the Astera Helios, Astera Titan and the Astera Hyperion and the NYX Bulb. These LED products use the RGB + Mint + Amber technology and they all can be used via wireless DMX and with the free downloadable Astera App.