The LightBridge CRLS C-Reflectors

CRLS is the new Key Light for Film, Photography and Videomakers. Working with CRLS reflectors allows you to create beautiful natural light on set while also having ultimate control over the light used without the need for flags or other frames. CRLS has 5 types of Diffusion: Diff 0, Punch Black Diff 1, Sky Blue Diff 2, Ambient Violet Diff 3 and Super White Diff 4. The following CRLS Reflector Kits are available: CRLS Snapbridge Glide, CRLS C-START, CRLS C-GO, CRLS C-MOVE, CRLS C-DRIVE and the CRLS C-100. All CRLS reflectors furthermore are available separately or as Kits by size. New in this are the round CRLS reflectors. "CRLS inspired by nature - made for set".

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Buy CRLS Snapbridge?

CRLS Reflectors of the Lightbridge are also known as the New Key Light. Whether it's the separate reflectors, CRLS Snapbridge Guild, CRLS C - START, CRLS C - GO, CRLS C - MOVE, CRLS C - DRIVE or the CRLS C-100 or the new round releftors, with CRLS you are sure that you are getting the very best quality reflectors. All CRLS 7x7, CRLS 15x15, CRLS 25x25 and CRLS 50x50 reflectors are sold separately allowing you to put together a package that suits your needs. With CRLS reflectors you buy the best of the best available in this field. In our webshop on our website you will find all CRLS products conveniently together. Would you rather experience with your own eyes what the CRLS reflectors can do for you then you are very welcome to visit our Showroom in Amsterdam.

Buy CRLS C-Move+ at BBP Light?

There are a lot of advantages to mention when it comes to Lightbridge's CRLS reflectors. For example, it is important to know that with such a system, the lighting can be properly controlled using the different CRLS reflectors and will always look natural. We therefore recommend that you just take a look at our website if you want to know more about the CRLS System. The CRLS C-START is a sublime solution, if you like the system you can easily expand it to a CRLS C-GO 2.0, CRLS C-MOVE+ or CRLS C-DRIVE or CRLS C-100. If you want to make your equipment more personal, you can easily do so because all CRLS reflectors are also available separately, so you can easily create the best CRLS reflector set to suit your situation. You can then simply choose which C-Wheel you want to use or other grip which we have in stock and you can immediately get started on any set with the CRLS reflectors. Feel free to visit our Showroom and store, we will gladly tell you more about the possibilities you have with this way of lighting.

Buy CRLS reflectors at BBP Light?

If you are looking for this kind of perfect natural Key Light lighting from CRLS, we recommend you to visit BBP Light in our Showroom and store in Amsterdam. Besides all CRLS Kits and reflectors we have our entire assortment online on our website, but you can also come and visit us. We have set up a showroom with a store for you in Amsterdam, where you can come and see and try all our products in real life. CRLS by The Lightbridge is a top brand that we would like to tell you more about, so you can see with your own eyes what kind of quality we have in house for you!