Avenger Stands & Lighting Control

Avenger manufacturers Light Stands, Clamps, Lighting Control and Accessories. Avenger's products are designed to meet the specific needs of the Photo- and Cine market. Avenger products are all designed to meet the stringent quality standards and performance levels required by the Film Industry. The quality of the product is the hallmark of Avenger, which can withstand extreme usage, harsh atmospheric conditions and very high loads during use.

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Buy Avenger Stands?

The Avenger brand is a well established name in the field of light stands such as C-Stands, Baby Stands, Combo Stands, Overhead Stands and Wind Up Stands that are used in studios where photos, videos and movies are shot. These Avenger stands are some of the best available in this field. That's why we can highly recommend Avenger to our customers. Besides Stands, Avenger also makes Grip and Butterfly/Overhead Frames. These products are also among the best available in this field. Most of Avenger's products are displayed in our Showroom with store in Amsterdam where you are most welcome.

Looking to buy Avenger Stands?

Would you like to buy an Avenger Stand? Then we recommend you to come and have a look at our assortment. At BBP Light you will find the best Stands from the real top brands in this field. It is important to use the perfect Avenger Stand for every shoot. Do you want to use professional continuous light stands? At BBP Light we have been active in the field of lighting and all accessories such as professional Stands since 1992. We can tell you like no other what you can expect from the Stands and Avenger Butterfly/Overhead Frames of this famous brand.

Find more out about Avenger Stands?

An Avenger Stand is one of the best products in this field available at this moment. Buying an Avenger stand or Butterfly/Overhead Frame is something you do of course with the experts at BBP Light. We know exactly which stands should be used in which situation to achieve the ideal result. Just contact us if you have any questions or drop by our showroom in Amsterdam. We have all our products ready for you to see with your own eyes.