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A V-Flat has a white and a black side and is also fully collapsible. A V-Flat is the ideal background to reflect or block light on any set, in the studio or on location. A V-Flat can be used as background for portrait photography, studio photography but they are also used on set by Filmmakers and Videographers. Well-known names working with a V-Flat from V-Flat World include Felix Kunze, John Russo, Lindsay Adler, Karl Taylor, Peter Hurley, Manny Ortiz, Joel Grimes, Jeff Carpenter.  A V-Flat from V-Flat World is an indispensable piece of equipment for every image maker. Because V-Flats are made of foamcore, they cannot be returned

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Foldable V-Flat (Black-White) V-Flat World - 1

V-Flat World
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Foldable V-Flat (Black-White) V-Flat World - Set of 2 - 2

V-Flat World
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At V-Flat World, their mission is to produce
high-quality V-Flats. In addition to being a studio necessity, our V-Flats are foldable and portable so you can take it with you on location.

Foldable V-Flat  V-Flat World

10 Ways to use V-Flats from V-Flat World

In this short video tutorial V-Flat World founder, Tuvy Lemberg goes over the 10 most common ways our Foldable V-Flats are used and the technique behind the use case.

Buy V-Flat V-Flat World?

The V-Flat World brand is well known in the field of foldable V-Flats for use in studios or on location where photos, videos and movies are shot. V-Flat World makes foldable V-Flats and is the best product available in this area. This is why BBP Light highly recommends the V-Flat World V-Flat products. Setting up your studio with the V-Flat World products is a sure way to make sure that every photo, movie or video shot you make will be absolutely perfect. New to V-Flat World are Duo Boards, professional backgrounds for product shots.

Buy V-Flats from V-Flat World at BBP Light?

When shooting on location or in a studio, it is important that all conditions are completely perfect. Therefore you are always looking fort he best products available in field. It is therefore a good idea to work with V-Flats of V-Flat World in your studio or on location. With V-Flats from V-Flat World you get products that you can totally rely on. BBP Light has been actively supplying everything in the field of continuous lighting and all related accessories since 1992. Duo Boards is the newest product of V-Flat World, fantastic always ready to use backgrounds at hand during product shoots! Chimera Lighting is also one of the top brands we import and sell.

Buy V-Flat World foldable V-Flat at BBP Light?

There are many different Light Shaping brands available to equip your studio. With the V-Flat World V-Flats you get the best product there is on the market right now. Come and visit our extensive showroom with store in Amsterdam and take a look at the foldable V-Flats of V-Flat World, but also at other products of this brand such as the brand new Duo Boards. You will see that the V-Flats of V-Flat World or Duo Bords are a good buy. We are happy to tell you all about the products of V-Flat World in our showroom, but ofcourse you can also contact us by phone or email.