Amaran LED Lighting

Amaran are point-source LED light fixtures that have a high light output and wireless  Bluetooth App control, they are available in 100 watt and in 200 watt. The Amaran 100d daylight and the Amaran 100x bi-color are both 100 watt lED fixtures. The Amaran 200d and the Amaran 200x are both 200 watts and, just like the 100 watt series, are available in daylight and in bi-color. Amaran manufactures LED fixtures of good quality and are they are affordable. They are developed for use for content creators, interviews, photography and video productions.

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Amaran 100d Daylight (5600K) LED Light - AMARAN-100D

EAN: 6971842181452
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Amaran 100x Bi-Color (2700K - 6500K) LED Light - AMARAN-100X

EAN: 6971842181476
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Amaran 200d Daylight (5600K) LED Light - AMARAN-200D

EAN: 6971842181490
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Amaran 200x Bi-Color (2700K - 6500K) LED Light - AMARAN-200X

EAN: 6971842181513
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Aputure Light Dome SE (85cm) - LIGHT-DOME-SE

EAN: 6971842181537
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Amaran & Aputure Compatibility Sheet

Buy Amaran 100d Daylight LED

The right lighting can have a tremendous positive effect on all kinds of shots. Whether you are a photographer, filmmaker or videographer, you know without a doubt the importance of the right lighting. With the Amaran 100d, Amaran 100x, Amaran 200d or Amaran 200x you will get great quality continuous lighting that gives you the perfect light for your work. The Amaran 100d, Amaran 100x, Amaran 200d or Amaran 200x are, just like the Aputure LED lightings, among the best lighting available in this area. At BBP Light you will find in our showroom with store and in our webshop the best quality continuous lighting fixtures and accessories together and suitable for your work, whether you are a Filmer, Photographer or Video Maker. Feel free to drop by, we are happy to tell you all about Amaran by Aputure LED Lighting or other brands of our range.

Buy Amaran 200d or Amaran 200x at BBP Light?

If you are looking for the Amaran 200d or the Amaran 200x we advise you to look at Amaran assortment at BBP Light. We have put together a very wide range of continuous lighting fixtures for you. We import and supply continuous lighting and accessories since 1992 and our professionals can advise you which continuous lighting fixtures you are suitable to use for your work as image maker. The Amaran 100d, Amaran 100x, Amaran 200d or Amaran 200x LED continuous light by Aputure are one of the best products in our assortment. Many Filmmakers, Photographers and Video Makers already use Aputure LED Lighting products daily because of the high light output and constant quality of these products.

Buy Amaran 100d and Amaran 100x at BBP Light?

Buy the Amaran 100d and Amaran 100x LED continuous lighting fixtures from a reliable company that knows its market? Then you have come to the right place at BBP Light. We would be happy to tell you more about the continuous light fixtures we have in our assortment and give you advice about the continuous lighting fixtures that best suits your work. You are always welcome in our showroom with store in Amsterdam, where we have put all our products together for you. This also includes our assortment Amaran LED lights by Aputure such as the Amaran 100d, Amaran 100x, Amaran 200d or Amaran 200x which can be viewed here at your convenience.