Dedolight 4 Light Backpack Kit - BPS4-E

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Dedolight 4 Light Backpack Kit

• 2-Soft Lights with Dimmable Power Supplies
• 2- Softboxes with Grids
• Focusing Head with Onboard Power
• Focusing Head- Separate Power Supply
• Projection Attachment, Grids, Gobos
• DC Cable, Clamps and Accessories
• 4- Light Stands, Lamps, Backpack
Dedolight - Diffused light is represented by 2 included Soft Light heads and since theyftre specifically designed for softboxes, two are included as well; a 12 x 12 Inch and a 24 x 32 Inch, each with 40 Degree grids for direction and spill control
The included DLH4 has a beam angle of 48 - 4.5 Degree and an impressive spot-to-flood ratio of 20:1.

A dimming in-line power supply is supplied for each of the above heads.

The 4th light is a DLHM4-300U with an on-board dimming power supply which like the DLH4, accepts the provided scrims, barndoors and projection attachment with 85 mm lens.

There's a stand for each light and it all fits in the sturdy Dedolight Backpack.

(2x DLH1x150S, 2x HTP150S, 1x DLHM4-300, 1x DLH4, 3x DT24-1E, 1x DSBSXS, 1x DLGRIDXS, 1x DSBSS, 1x DLGRIDS, 2x DPLS, 2x DBD-8, 1x DSCK, 1x DSCP, 1x DP1, 1x DPGH, 1x DPGSET, 1x DCAR3, 1x DXBAT4-3, 4x DST, 1x DSTFX, 1x CLAMP1, 1x DH2, 4x DL150C, 4x DL150, 2x DL100C, 2x DLBOX, 1x DBP)