Rosco 77882 Gobo Pattern M-Size - Shower (OD 66mm - IA 48MM) - 77882

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Rosco 77882 Gobo Pattern M-Size - Shower (OD 66mm - IA 48MM)

Rosco M-Size Gobo 77882 Pattern Shower. Gob's are used to project onto backgrounds. For example by a projection attachment from Dedolight.
Rosco manufacturers gobo patterns to any size specification needed for a particular fixture. The sizes indicated in the following table are the most commonly used. However, Rosco will manufacture for any size, any fixture, any wheel that accepts a gobo.

• Rosco Gobo A Size: Fits most conventional ellipsoidals (OD 100mm - IA 75mm)

• Rosco Gobo B Size: Industry standard size for ellipsoidals (OD 86mm - IA 64.5mm)

• Rosco Gobo M Size: For Jr. Ellipsoidals (Dedolights etc.) (OD 66mm - IA 48mm)

• Rosco Gobo E Size: Mini ellipsoidals. Specify make and model. (OD 37.5mm - IA 28mm)

• Moving Light sizes rotating, static, effects wheels Size: Moving Light sizes can vary depending on static wheel, rotating or effects wheel. Specify make & model and the wheel used. (OD varies - IA Varies)

• Architectural Projectors Size: Any architectural unit that utilizes gobos. Specify make & model. (OD varies - IA Varies)

(OD = Outside Diameter)
(IA = Image Aputure)