Matthews 42" x 42" Mirror Reflector Board - 119752

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Matthews 42" x 42" Mirror Reflector Board

The Mirrored Reflectors are also 42" x 42" and are similar to the Standard Reflectors with the exception of the surface, which is an actual glass mirror mounted with special brackets for easy changing.

Shipping crate 119123 or 119124 needed for shipping. The price of the 119123 or 119124 will be added to order.
These Reflectors are most commonly used for reflecting HMI Par or Xenon light sources.

There is also a Xeno mirrored surface available for higher temperature light sources.

On both reflectors the yokes have a brake in the pivot and are stand mounted via a 1-1/8" pin. Xeno mirrors are made for xenon light sources only and will not redirect sun light smoothly.

Matthews Mirror Reflectors are manufactured with tempered, glass mirrors- NOT Plastic reflectors- for higher reflectivity and true color transmission.