Dedolight Sundance Kit 3 Daylight / Tungsten - Soft Case - S202-3-E

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Dedolight Sundance Kit 3 Daylight / Tungsten - Soft Case

2 DLH200DT Light head 200?W?Sundance.
1 DLH200SDT Soft light head 200?W Sundance.
1 HTP200S High temperature pouch.
3 DEB200DT Electronic ballast 200 W daylight?/?tungsten.
2 DEB200H Ballast holder with CLAMP-C.
3 DPOW200DT Light head cable 7?m (23?'?).
1 DSBSM Silver dome, medium.
2 DBD8 Barn door.
2 DPLS Light shield ring.
2 DTCF Tungsten conversion filter.
3 DL200DHR-NB Daylight lamp 200?W.
1 DL200THR-NB Ceramic tungsten lamp 200?W.
3 DST Stand.
1 DSC2/2-200 Soft case, medium.
Weight: 20.2?kg (44.5?lb).
Size: 83?x?30?x?33?cm (32.7?x?11.8?x?13?"?).

Dedolight - HMI 3 light 600 watt kit,it offers the photographer or videographer the choice between HMI and tungsten light in one kit. It includes bulbs that are interchangeable, and a tungsten conversion filter, for even more versatility. Interviews and portraits look better with the included medium softbox.
DLH200DT is a versatile 600 total watt HMI Light, based on the Dedolight 200 Watt HMI spotlights and 200 watt Soft Light fixtures.

This fixture has a flood-spot intensity variation of 1:20. Its beam spread can vary from 46 - 4 Degree from the position of the fixture.

DLH200SDT is a dedicated 200-watt HMI Soft Light fixture.

When used with an Dedoflex, Photoflex, or Chimera softbox, the Dedolight DLH200S provides two times the light output when compared to any softbox mounted to a Fresnel fixture. It provides perfectly even light distribution.

Hot Restrike, No waiting to resume work after shutting off the fixture; it also has auto-cut-off when protective tube is missing or damaged.

2x DLH202DT, 1x DLH200SDT, 1x HTP200S, 3x DEB200DT, 2x DEB200H, 3x DPOW200DT, 1x DSBSM, 2x DBD8, 2x DPLS, 2x DTCF, 3x DL200DHR-NB, 1x DL200THR-NB, 3x DST, 1x DSC2/2-200)