Dynacore 26V 230Wh V-Mount Battery - DHB-200

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Dynacore 26V 230Wh V-Mount Battery

• Model: DHB-200
• Battery Type: V-Mount
• Voltage: 26V
• Capacity: 230Wh/8.7Ah
• Max Output Current: 30A
• Max Input Current: 5A
• Dimension: 170 x 100 x 74 (mm)
• Weight: 1.35Kg?exclude charge)
• Operating temperature: -30 DegreeC / +50 DegreeC
Dynacore new developed 26V Li-ion battery solution has been specially designed to supply the very high current requirements for cameras such as the Arri Alexa and high speed cameras that also require 26 volts, double the voltage 14.8V used by traditional broadcast cameras.

The battery is featured with “high discharge rate”, can withstand very high levels of current draw - up to 30 amps - without having any detrimental effect on the cells or total charging/discharging cycle life.

The new design allows the battery to run cold even when drawing in excess of 200 Watts.>br>
Dynacore now offers the new innovative battery solution to the broadcast and film industry.