Dynacore DS-U95B SONY BP-U Battery 6400mAh/95Wh - DS-U95B

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Dynacore DS-U95B SONY BP-U Battery 6400mAh/95Wh

Dynacore SONY BP-U Camera Battery - DS-U95B
• Compatibility: SONY BP-U60
• Built-In D-Tap and USB connector
• Built-In 4-Level LED power indicator
• Voltage: 14.8V
• Capacity: 6400mAh/95Wh
• Max Output: 55W,3.5A
• Dimension: 42 x 70 x 95 mm
• Weight: 0.42Kg
• Applicable Camera: SONY PMW-EX1/3/F3, PMW100/200,PMW-EX280, PXW-FS7, PXW-X160/180, etc.
Dynacore DS-U95B is a 14.8V, 95Wh Li-ion DV battery that completely compatible with SONY PMW-EX1, EX1R, EX3, F3, 100, 200, without DC cable, and can display remaining power info on cameras.
The battery offers a D-tap DC socket for extension power output, and a 5V/1A USB socket for mobile devices (cell phone etc) charging.

The 4-level LED indicator can give you a quick view of remaining power before using, and the strong housing, intelligent circuit will protect the battery from shocking, abnormal current, voltage and temperature.

1.High-power Li-ion battery with the capacity up to 77Wh.
2.Intelligent Li-ion battery applies to SONY HDV camera,such as PMW-EX1R/EX3/F3/100/200.
3.Built-in 4-level LED power indicator shows accurately the remaining battery capacity.
4.Built-in D-Tap connector for camera light.
5.USB 2.0 5V/1A output.
6.Built-in multiple protective circuit design to prevent over charge, over discharge,over current, short circuit, etc.

The D-tap DC output socket is equipped on the side of DS-U77B battery, for DC14.8V (Nominate) connection.
You can connect on-camera LED light, monitor or wireless transmitter on the D-tap socket, and get power simultaneously with camera.
The Max power from D-tap is 50W, 3.5A.

Use DS-U95B as Power Station to your cell phone! It’s rather a fantastic function to have a USB socket on the DV battery!
Connect your smart phone or pad to the USB socket, press the “Check” button, and then the DS-U95B starts to output 5V/1A power to charge your devices!