Aladdin FABRIC-LITE 35 System (350W Bi-Color) with V-Mount and built in LumenRadio - FBS350BIKITVM

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Aladdin FABRIC-LITE 35 System (350W Bi-Color) with V-Mount and built in LumenRadio

Aladdin Fabric-Lite 350 Bi-Color
• Photometrics:
Daylight 6300K 17800lux 60cm, 8940lux 1m, 2670lux 2m, 1300lux 3m
Bi-Color 4200K 15700lux 60cm, 7990lux 1m, 2340lux 2m, 1140lux 3m
Tungsten 2900K 15400lux 60cm, 7910lux 1m, 2340lux 2m, 1140lux 3m
• Light Source Super High CRI Power LED’s 350W
• CRI 97 / TLCI 98
• Color Temperature 2900K-6300K
• Beam Angle 140°
• Dimming: (1%–100%)
• Passive cooling
• Dimmer Input 48V
• Power Unit Automatic Voltage 100V to 240V

In the Box
1x LED Panel
1x Dimmer Unit
1x Dual Power converter V-Mount
2x Ac Adapter
1x 2m Extension Cable
1x 5m Extension Cable
1x Pouch
Aladdin innovative new variable bi-color FABRIC-LITE system, as the name implies, is completely flexible, foldable and with endless mounting options

Mounting options for the FABRIC-LITE are virtually limitless, including all types of butterfly, overhead, wall and ceiling mounts, thanks to the integrated Velcro and grommets.

The 3‘x3‘ pan can be easily mounted on a Matthews frame or similar. Each 3×3-foot fabric panel can be used separately, or combined with others to create panels as large as 12×12 feet.The fixture offers high control over lighting.

It is dimmable from1-100% and the color temperature can be adjusted from 2900°K to 6300°K. The Dimmer runs from main power supply or battery, and has a built-in lumen radio module for DMX control.

• Highlights
The foldable design makes it easy to carry around or neatly fold away for transport.
High Output, High Quality LED – TLCI 98
Foldable Design
Can be used in a frame with Diffuser and Grid for more control
Kit includes Carry Bag for transport
Can be arranged with 3 more to create 12 x 12 source

• Available accessories:
FBS350BIMADIM Main Dimmer of FBS350BIDIM
FB350BIACAD AC Adapter 350W 2pcs needed
FBS350BIDPVM Dual Battery converter 2x26V to 48 V V-Mount
FBS350BI 350W Bi-Color Panel (FABRIC-LITE 350)
FBS350EXCA5M Extension Cable (5m / 16ft)
FBS350BASIC2M Basic Cable (2m / 6ft)
FBS350BIDIMVMPL Mounting Plate for Power Supply
FBS2035ANT Antenna for Dimmer
FBS2035FR Frame for Fabric-Lite
FBS2035DF Diffuser for Frame
FBS2035DF2 Half Diffuser for Frame
FBS2035GRID Grid for Frame
FBS2035FRBAG Bag for Frame
FBS2035FRKIT Frame Kit
FBS2035BIFBAG Full Kit Bag
FBS2035POUCH Pouch for FABRIC 350
FBS2035BALL Bungee Ball (12pcs)
FBS350DIMCA Cable Dimmer to PowerSupply
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