Aladdin Lights MFL70BIKITCVM BI-FLEX M7 Kit Bi-Color with V-Mount and Soft Case - MFL70BIKITCVM

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Aladdin Lights MFL70BIKITCVM BI-FLEX M7 Kit Bi-Color with V-Mount and Soft Case

Aladdin Lights M7 Bi-Color Flex-Lite 70W
• 70W Bi-Color
• CRI 98 / TLCI 98
• Color Temperature 2900K-5600K
• Beam Angle 140°
• Dimming: (1%–100%) • Passive cooling
• Dimmer Input 12V to 30V
• Power Unit Automatic Voltage 100V to 240V

Aladdin Lights BI-FLEX M7 (70W) Bi-Color is the cinematographer’s dream come true. A small, lightweight and powerful LED light, built with Aladdin Lights's new micro LEDs. The 70W BI-FLEX M7 is a 30x30cm LED Panel. Its sleek, lightweight design makes it perfect for mobile lighting or studio applications. With the x-bender you will be able to mount the LED panel on a light stand with a 16mm stud. The foldable and lightweight design of the x-bender ensures it will travel light and easy, inside your travel gear. You can mount a diffusor to the x-bender for a softer light.

Aladin BI-FLEX M7 Photometrics
• Daylight 6300K
5100 lux 60cm, 1900 lux 1m, 520 lux 2m, 260 lux 3m
• Bi-Color 4200K
4900 lux 60cm, 1810 lux 1m, 500 lux 2m, 250 lux 3m
• Tungsten 2900K
4460 lux 60cm, 1660 lux 1m, 460 lux 2m, 225 lux 3m

Aladdin MFL70BIKITCVM In the box:
1x M7 Bi-Color LED Panel
1x Dimmer Unit V-Mount
1x Ac Adapter
1x X-bender
1x Ball mount
1x Extension Cable
1x Diffusor
1x Soft Case

The Micro LED Technology enables Aladdin Lights to build a 1x1 panel with 70w instead of 50w.

The Dimmer is Universal up to 70W and runs from main power supply or battery.

You can use different sizes of panels with the same dimmer.

The two control knobs on the dimmer give you full control over color temperature and intensity.

With the optional DMX module that can be attached to the dimmer, you are ready for a remote application.

With this module it will be easy to control the color and intensity of the LED light true your 512 DMX protocol.

For even better light control Aladdin Lights offers these accessories:
• Softboxes for soft and even light distribution
• Grids for the softbox for greater precision
• A metal frame for a more solid and rugged hold
• Snoot: prevents light spill
• Magnetic holder provides more flexibility in rigging the light.

• Available accessoiries:
MFL70BI Bi-Flex M7 Panel
MFL-DMXAT1 DMX Attachment for Dimmer
MFL30BIEXCA2M Extension Cable 2m
MFL30BIEXCA5M Extension Cable 5m
X-Bend Holder for 1X1 AMS-FL50BI XBEND
ALL-BHAD-1/4 Ball Head Stand Mount
AMS-FL50BI MH Magnetic Holder for 1X1
ASTAND Travel Stand
BAG1X1 Kit Softbag 1X1
AMS-FL50BI3KITCASE 3 Kit Case for 1x1
AMS-FL50BI BLTIE10 Velcro Cable Tie 10pcs
Pouch1X1 Pouch 1X1
FR1X1KIT Frame 1X1
FR1X1GRID Grid for 1X1 Frame
FR1X1DIF Diffuser for 1X1 Frame
AMS-FL50BI DF Diffuser for 1X1
AMS-FL50BI SBX Softbox 1X1 incl. Dif
AMS-FL50BI SBXDF Diffuser for Softbox 1X1
AMS-FL50BIGRID Softbox Grid 1X1
AMS-FL50BI SNO Snoot for 1X1
AMS-ADBALL50DF 1X1 Ball Diffuser
AMS-ADBALL50 Ball for 1X1
MFVMP Mini V-Mount Plate for Dimmer
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