Dinkum Systems FlexiMount - 3013

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Dinkum Systems FlexiMount

• Strong, Flexible Arm
• Quick Set-Up
• Length-adjustable 11” arm comes with ?”
• 16 threaded top, holds up to 2lbs.
• Weight 10.6 oz
FlexiMount is a quick-clamping microphone mount with a strong base and 9-link, 11” long arm, which may be accurately positioned for optimum audio results.

It’s the perfect device for the fast set-up required by roadies, documentary filmmakers, audio engineers or on-the-go podcasters.

FlexiMount attaches easily to surfaces such as mixing board tables, C-stands, lighting grids, or drum kits - the indestructible plastic clamp features 2” wide jaws lined with soft rubber and super-grip pivoting tips that will not scratch or damage gear.

The strong and flexible arm does not require tools to lengthen or shorten it: simply pop apart and press back together to get the length you want. Can be bent into nearly any shape or position and attached to a standard ?”-16 microphone shock mount or most pro audio RF antennas.