Dinkum Systems DSLR Pro Pack - 3280

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Dinkum Systems DSLR Pro Pack

• Lightweight, Flexible, Expandable
• Includes Ten 1/4" Links
• Includes Nine 3/4" Links
• Includes Spring-Style Clamps
• Includes Lens Flag & ActionPod Top
• 1/4"-20 to 3/8"-16 Adapter Screw
• Includes Handy Canvas Storage Bag
The Dinkum Systems DSLR ProPack is a selection of mounts, a shade, adaptive tops, and links that you can use to create stable mounting platforms or adjustable articulating arms for accessories.

The components of the system allow you to build Dinkum systems' Compact Lens Shade, FlexiMount, ActionPod, and ActionPodPro.

At the heart of the system are the links that combine together giving you both length and articulation.

The links snap together without tools, remain securely attached until you separate them, and are made of a lightweight Acetal Copolymer, which is durable and resists deformation.