Dynacore D-2BS 2 channel extender 24V XLR output V-Mount - D-2BS-24

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Dynacore D-2BS 2 channel extender 24V XLR output V-Mount

• DC Input 12-17V
• DC Output: 24.5V
• Outlet: 1 x 3-pin Female XLR
• DC Output Max Power: 10A,240W
• Applicable battery: V-Mount Mount Batteries
• Dimension: 150X73X220mm(Including Metal Cylinder)
• Weight: 1.10Kg(Including Metal Cylinder)
Dynacore D-2BS is a portable power supply unit through 2 channels V-Mount Batteries
Dynacore D-2BS - 24 is the power station designed to integrate the power of 2pcs V-Mount Batteries into a power source as 24V voltage output.

It can supply power of up to 240W output(24V, 10A).

To reach the best output performance, 2pcs Batteries with same capacity and charging status are required.

Battery models with bigger capacity are better.

LCD Display For Output Voltage: 24.5V(+/-5mV on no load,+/-1.2% on full load)

2 Channel Low Voltage Alarm Indicator LED Battery Indication:
Color Red=Under/Over Voltage
Color Green=Good
Green Blinking=Battery Low

3 Pin Female XLR Output 24V, 10A, 240W(Max)

Hexagon Connector Makes It Easy To Be Connected To The Tripod With Convi Clamp.

D-2BS-24 Integrated Mount Plate Design Makes The Product Compact