Dynacore D-4S DV Charger / Extender 24V/48V - D-4S-48

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Dynacore D-4S DV Charger / Extender 24V/48V

• AC Input: AC 90V~240V/47Hz~63Hz
• Charger Output: DC 16.8V/2.6A
• Adapter Output:
DC 28V/10A
DC 48V/10A
• Outlet:
1 x 3-PIN Female XLR (28V)
• Applicable battery: V-Mount/Gold Mount Batteries
• Dimension: 298 x 158 x 265mm
• Weight: 5.70Kg

Integration of both battery adapter and charger function in one device. 48V, 10A& 28V, 10A adapter output are available, support Max 480W.
48V,10A adapter outputcan meet the power requirement of ARRI Skypanel S60. 4pcs high capacity Batteries are suggested to get the maximum power. Mount 4pcs Dynacore DN-310S/A, with total capacity as big as 1240Wh, it can support Skypanel S60 with 100%brightnessaround 2 hours.

28V, 10A adapter output can be used to power 28V equipments like Alexa LF, KINO lights, etc.

With charging output of 16.8V, 2.6A for each channel, 4pcs Batteries can be charged simulatneously.

One Dynacore D-4S/A-48 will fulfill your needs of both DC power bank and charger. Just bring 4pcs Batteries and 1pc DynacoreD-4S/A-48, it will be enough for outdoor shooting.