Aladdin Lights A-USB-3R U-LITE - A-USB-3R

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Aladdin Lights A-USB-3R U-LITE

Aladdin Lights U-LITE RGB
• Dimensions: 34×78.5mm
• Change color by touching
• Power Consumption: 1.2W
• Connection: USB-A

Aladdin Lights U-Lite A-USB-3R might be the smallest practical light in the world. It weights only 12g and gives you 1.2W of colorful light. Shining bright in seven different colors. The Aladdin Lights U-LITE is an astonishingly small practical light. On one end it has a male USB-A interface to plug it into a powering source of your choice, like a power bank or USB cable.

On the other end it has six LEDs, which change between seven colors by tipping softly on the back of the U-LITE. The displayed colors are blue, dark blue, purple, red, yellow, lime green and green. Another great feature is the soft box accessory (not included).

You can mount it directly onto the U-LITE to get a softer light that’s more comfortable to look at.The Aladdin Lights U-LITE can be hidden on your set to give a deliberately color-detail.